ElecGear Replacement CPU Lüfter für PS4 Pro CUH-7xxx – Intern Reparatur Ersatzkühler Ventilator Kühler Cooling Fan, Arctic MX-2 Thermo Paste, TR8 Torx Security, PH0 Driver Set für Playstation 4 Pro

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PS4 Pro edition of internal CPU replacement cooling fan, modeled Nidec G95C12MS1CJ-56J14. Interchangeable with G95C12MS1AJ-56J14 and Delta KSB1012H. Compatible with all models of PlayStation 4 Pro edition with model number CUH-7xxx
Brand-new, Sony authentic and 100% tested in perfect working condition; 3Pin DC12V PWM power plug
Arctic MX-2 thermal compound paste, TR8 Torx Security and PH0 screwdriver teardown repair tool kit are included for an easy replacement

1. Support ✅PS4 Pro CUH-7xxx ONLY. NOT compatible with first gen ❌PS4 CUH-1xxx or ❌PS4 Slim CUH-2xxx. Please check our shop for other two models
2. Compatible console examples: PS4 Pro CUH-7000BB01, CUH-7000BB02, CUH-7015B, CUH-7100BB01, CUH-7100BB02, CUH-7100BA50, CUH-7115B, CUH-7200BB01, CUH-7200CB01, CUH-7215B and CUH-10025 Kingdom Hearts III Limited Edition (CUH-7218BBZQX)
3. To perfectly solve the cooling and heat problem, it’s a MUST to replace the thermal paste. Never ignore this step
4. Professional installation is recommended. The teardown and re-assembly take IT knowledge and know-how. Please evaluate before ordering
5. There might be some trace for being of transportation. We guarantee it is brand-new
6. The 4 gram of MX-2 is a big lot. Please well-store away for servings for other CPU/GPU usage
7. Online tutorial is offered on ElecGear official site. Scan the barcode to take a view

1*Nidec G95C12MS1CJ-56J14 (for PS4 Pro ONLY!)
1*Arctic MX-2 Thermal Compound (4-gram 2019 edition)
1*TR8 Torx Security Screwdriver
1*Phillips #0 Screwdriver
PS4 Pro Interner CPU-Lüfter als Ersatz – Nidec G95C12MS1CJ-56J14 für die Sony PlayStation 4 Pro-Konsole. Dieses Modell ist die neueste und verbesserte Ausgabe. Austauschbar mit G95C12MS1AJ-56J14 und Delta KSB1012H. Kompatibel mit der PS4 Pro Edition mit den Modellnummern ✅CUH-70xx, ✅CUH-71xx und ✅CUH-72xx